Gut Health

I really am a believer in Gut Health. I think it is the foundation for overall health and if the gut is unhealthy or damaged, then everything else in the body will suffer. I have experienced this first hand- I used to have very sluggish digestion but I couldn’t understand why. I would eat way more fiber than anyone else, I had a nutritious diet, I exercised, I was the healthiest person ever yet I was always sick, had no energy, had skin issues and went to the bathroom once every 2-3 days. I had an unhealthy gut for many many years and I wish I had someone like myself 4 years ago telling me what I am doing wrong or right and what I can do to repair it and keep it functioning optimally.

Signs of an unhealthy gut are first and foremost- digestion! Digestion is honestly the most important indication of your health and if this is not regular and optimal then you should start there. Everything in the body is linked to one another, so if something isn’t quite right, other functional aspects of the body will suffer too such as energy generation, immune regulation; allergies and illness, sleep, inflammation etc. Other signs of an unhealthy gut may also include skin issues, constant illnesses, allergic reactions ie hay fever, rashes, itchiness, dry skin, hair loss and low energy levels to name a few.

I have suffered with poor gut health for YEARS and half this time I spent researching my symptoms and what I was doing wrong when I should have been trying to research what I can implement or change to make it right again. I have researched gut health through and through, been to doctors, naturopaths, experts and thought I would tell my story and help someone else going through a similar thing. There are so many things we could all be implementing in our daily lives to improve our gut health and I will be sharing many of them through this page. Anyway, basically this page will be able to help you guys with what your doing right and wrong with your gut health and how you can optimize it.